Our Work: The COMARKA Difference

Our clients say we are different from other researchers because:

Strategic Project Design
We solve their business challenges because we use screeners and interview guides
that lead to a real understanding of target markets, their needs, beliefs, attitudes, and
emotional triggers.

Finding Culture-Based Emotional Drivers
True research reveals the emotional triggers that drive consumers. We know the
difference between Latino and Anglo markets, and bring a cultural sensitivity that
creates a safe environment where real behaviors and motivators are identified. We use
a variety of communication media to connect with consumers - including voice, text,
pictures, and videos.

Reporting Actionable Insights
The written and video reports we create for clients identify consumer-driven insights
about how they can connect with Hispanic markets, along with strategic
recommendations to help grow their company in those markets.

Our Tools

Authentic Ethnography
Online Diaries
Consumer Co-Creation Camp

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Our References

General Mills
Christus Health
BHC Consulting
Sara Lee
EZ Corp

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Our Insights

The US Hispanic and Mexican Markets are booming.
To receive a "US Hispanic Market
Opportunity" or a "Mexican
Market Opportunity" presentation,
contact Isabel Aneyba.

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Contact Us

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