Our Work: The COMARKA Difference

Our clients say we are different from other researchers because:

Strategic Project Design
We solve their business challenges because we use screeners and interview guides
that lead to a real understanding of target markets, their needs, beliefs, attitudes, and
emotional triggers.

Finding Culture-Based Emotional Drivers
True research reveals the emotional triggers that drive consumers. We know the
difference between Latino and Anglo markets, and bring a cultural sensitivity that
creates a safe environment where real behaviors and motivators are identified. We use
a variety of communication media to connect with consumers - including voice, text,
pictures, and videos.

Reporting Actionable Insights
The written and video reports we create for clients identify consumer-driven insights
about how they can connect with Anglo and Hispanic markets, along with strategic
recommendations to help grow their company in those markets.

Our Tools

Authentic Ethnography
Online Diaries
Consumer Co-Creation Camp

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Our References

General Mills
Christus Health
BHC Consulting
Sara Lee
EZ Corp

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Our Insights

The US Hispanic and Mexican Markets are booming.
To receive a "US Hispanic Market
Opportunity" or a "Mexican
Market Opportunity" presentation,
contact Isabel Aneyba.

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Contact Us

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